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GF1 Madness: Adorama Cancelling 20/1.7 Kit Orders

Adorama just sent this to people who had preordered the Panasonic GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 Lens kit from them:

We have been informed by Panasonic that at this time they do not plan to offer this combination of the GF1 camera with the 20 1.7 Lens. (The camera with the 14-45 lens is in stock. We are waiting for deliveries of the 20 1.7 lens to start) Therefore, we regret to inform you that we are canceling your order. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you, and continue to appreciate your business.

What happened here? Is this another case of Panasonic's supply troubles, or have they decided to cash in on the 20/1.7s good reviews by only selling it separately? I don't really blame Adorama here, since they had no idea this would happen when the orders were made.

Hopefully all this hullabaloo over compact cameras with a big sensors and decent interchangeable lenses (or excellent fixed lenses a la X1, DP1, DP2) will inspire other companies (Canon, Nikon, Pentax) to jump into this arena. There have been unsubstantiated rumors of a Nikon similar to the Leica X1.