A Taste of E-P1 AF Speed

The E-P1's AF at work (click for video).

I found this video review in an RFF E-P1 thread.

Skip to about 2:14 to see the auto-focus system at work. It seems to be faster than the DP2, but quite a bit slower than the G1.

The rest of the camera seems pretty responsive, and write times (at around 4:35) are quick (though we don't know if the reviewer is writing JPEG, RAW, or RAW+JPEG). From what is shown in the video, the controls seem pretty well done. I hope there will be an option to disable the sensor cleaning (for faster start-up times). If it's anything like Canon's sensor cleaning (SSWF is actually supposed to be better), it won't take any longer than it does to aim point the camera at your subject, and it won't clean when waking from sleep mode.

By the way, the video is from this page on DigitalCameraReview.com.

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