DP2 Samples Galore

Here's a roundup of other DP2 resources to keep you busy until part 2:
  • Carl Rytterfalk is a big Sigma guy and a very good photographer. He's not inaccurate, but he's careful not to focus too much on the negative points of any Sigma products. He's been posting tons of samples and other information on his blog.
  • PBase's DP2 group has full-sized shots from 10 photographers (including Carl) for you to view.
  • RFF user Yandiel has started posting samples from his DP2. He also uses an R-D1 and M8, so he'll have an interesting perspective on the camera. Go for the DP2 shots, stay for the great Parisian street shots.
  • sniki, another RFF user, has posted some samples in his flickr photostream.

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